Conversations & Features

"Morning Freight" in The Slowdown
Co-interview for AAWW with Mai Der Vang
Book Review: Winter Phoenix by Layla Benitez-James, Poetry Foundation
Interview for Berkeley Poetry Review with Matthew Kim
Interview for The Offing with Mary Pappalardo
Interview for diaCRITICS with Vi Khi Nao
Interview for LUD Literatura with Andrej Hočevar (trans. to Slovene)
Short response in killing fields

Prose (Fiction & Essays & &&)

Mother of Exiles, Fence (forthcoming)
Errantries [2], SAND Journal
Pearl, Passengers Journal
Juno, Breakwater Review
Skyraider, The Journal
Poetics of Lineage, The Rumpus
The Wind and Its Hundred Doors, PROTOCOLS
Daughter’s Guide to Lavender, The Offing


Score I // En Eminence, Quarterly West (forthcoming)
Three Poems, mercury firs (forthcoming)
O-Graft, Cincinnati Review
Three Poems, Sepia
Bylaw [S.3] Object Lesson, Poetry Online
Book of Panda, Sixth Finch
Categories: Light and Chalk, Nat. Brut
Five Poems, Berkeley Poetry Review
Closing Statement, New Delta Review
Expatriated Fugue, Iowa Review
Aubade Before Tribunal, Qu Literary Magazine
Bylaw [S.1] String-and-Wire AbecedarianBirdcoat Quarterly
Five Poems, Pinwheel Magazine
Three Poems, AAWW
Two Poems, Sundog Lit
Throwing Rose, [Anon], amberflora
Wake, [Anon], Cordite Poetry Review
Four Poems, ANMLY
Three Poems, Birdfeast
Two Poems, Peach Mag
Three Poems, sidereal magazine
Three Poems, Yes, Poetry
The Sister's Essay, The Wanderer
Three Poems, Powder Keg
Three Poems, Nice Cage
To Shower after Four Days, Poor Claudia
Mono No Awaré, Reservoir
Three Poems, The Boiler
Deputy on a Texas Prairie, wildness
Two Poems, Big Lucks
Three Poems, Anthropoid
Two Poems, killing fields journal
Operation Fertilizer, Chapter House Journal
Three Poems, Yalobusha Review
Two Poems, The James Franco Review

We'd also like to use this opportunity to ask if anyone can personally put us in contact with FKA Twigs, Aquaman, Björk, and/or any Welsh Corgi. We're a big fan. Thank you.



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