Live performance in Tucson, 2018. Photo by Casa Libre.

Sophia Terazawa is a poet and performer of Vietnamese-Japanese descent working with ghosts. Forthcoming collections include: Winter Phoenix (October 2021) and Anon (Fall/Winter 2022), both under contract with Deep Vellum.

A recent graduate of the University of Arizona MFA program, she is also the author of two chapbooks, I AM NOT A WAR (Essay Press), a winner of the 2015 Essay Press Digital Chapbook Contest, and Correspondent Medley (Factory Hollow Press), winner of the 2018 Tomaž Šalamun Prize.

Additional honors include the Bill Waller Award for Creative Nonfiction, LaVerne Harrell Clark Fiction Award, Monique Wittig Writer's Scholarship, along with nominations for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. Terazawa's work appears widely in journals and magazines, such as, The Offing, New Delta Review, The Iowa Review, and The Rumpus. Her favorite color is purple.

Ocean Heart                             .

"at points screaming while at other times holding a large knife to her throat"

"This is absolutely essential reading—and you will need to spend some time with I AM NOT A WAR, revisiting passages from its past pages as you continue, taking in its images both written and visual."
   —Rosebud Ben-Oni

Live performance in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2019. Photo by Asha Past.

Interviews                             .

2020. Berkeley Poetry Review with Matthew Kim
2019. The Offing with Mary Pappalardo
2019. diaCRITICS with Vi Khi Nao
2019. LUD Literatura with Andrej Hočevar (trans. to Slovene)

Films available online. youtube.com/Zovya

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gmail ⟶ sterazawa

Dopisnik Medley (Correspondent Medley, translated to Slovene by Itzok Osojnik)