Selected prose (fiction, essay, and hybrid pieces)

2019                              .

The Rumpus (forthcoming): "Poetics of Lineage"

The Offing: “Daughter’s Guide to Lavender”

Far Villages Anthology (Black Lawrence Press, print): "for in exile, we speak our bodies into being"

VESTIGES_04: Aphasia (Black Sun Lit, print): "Faint Blue and Window in Asylum"

2018                              .

Southwest Field Studies (with photographs): "Letters at the Gate to Hell"

Storm Cellar (print): "Memory Resurrection"; "We, the Wretched"; "Pigs and Battleships"

2017                              .

Entropy: "TIP17: TIP post-drip"

1508: "ephemera: A MANIFESTO for TIP 2017"

Radio 11.8.16 (Essay Press): "That Which Falls Out"

2016                              .

Vagabond City: "Rites of an Old War"

Luna Luna: “Phantasmagoria: Murdering Madame Butterfly”; “Phantasmagoria: Model Minority Mutiny”

The Decolonizer (with mixed media): "Decolonizing Touch: Clair de Lune"; "Decolonizing Touch: What's Love Got to Do with It?"; "Decolonizing Touch: Sweet Dreams are Made of This"; "Report from Kolkata: Burning Devotionals"; "Report from Kolkata: The Liberation Front"

Side B Magazine: "Take This Sword and Throw It Far"

2015                              .

DIAcritics (with mixed media): "Out of the Margins: On Giving Fire"

Bluestockings Magazine (with illustrations): "Imitation as Survival"; "Bricklayer"; "Wading to Taki"

Project As[I]Am (with mixed media): "Self-Portrait of a Shaman"

Apogee Journal: "Psychosis and Black-Eyed Dreams"