Essay Press: I AM NOT A WARa winner of the 2015 Digital Chapbook Contest selected by Rosebud Ben-Oni


selected recent publications

The Seattle Review (forthcoming)

Peach Mag: "Re: Balance"; "Re: Slather"

sidereal magazine: "Kamiyo after the Age of Gods"; "Advice from Ojiisan’s Hungry Ghost Who Becomes the Toad"; "Princess Kaguya of the New World"

Yes, Poetry: "On Forgiving the Man Who Made Me a Poet from His Rib"; "Guerrilla Fighter Manifesto"; "I sent my body home / in naming it, became another sister"

The Wanderer: "The Sister's Essay"

Cosmonauts Avenue: "Michael Fassbender" (nominated for the 2018 Pushcart Prize)

Powder Keg: "First of June"; "Whites Paint"; "Coronado"

Half Mystic (print): "Nocturne for José" (nominated for the 2018 Pushcart Prize)

Nice Cage: "Anchor Baby"; "On Holiday"; "Like a Cancer Grows"

Poor Claudia: "To Shower after Four Days"

Reservoir: "Mono No Awaré"

Blueshift Journal: "Why Resurrect It All Now: A Golden Shovel after Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s Dictée"

The Boiler Journal: "Somewhere Nearby"; "A List of Predictions for the New Economy"; "The Waiting Room" (nominated for the 2017 Best of the Net anthology)

Puerto del Sol (print): "I had a premonition of the nuclear plant melting"; "Fear of the Drowned" (nominated for the 2017 Best New Poets anthology and 2018 Pushcart Prize)

wildness: "Deputy on a Texas Prairie"

Hematopoiesis Press: "In Forgetting" (nominated for the 2018 Pushcart Prize)

TAYO (print): "Au Bon Pain Abroad"; "KFC Abroad"; "Domino's Abroad"

Anthropoid: "During the Fall"; "Career Goals in Exile"; "The Currency of War"

killing fields journal: "Ue Wo Muite Arukō"; "Search and Rescue"

TENDE RLOIN: 6 poems, film, interview

THIS.: "Sweet Home in the Jungle"; "Temp Labor"; "Orange Blossoms"

The Felt: "Wanderlust"; "Frontal"; "Repose"

Mud City Journal: "Operation Fertilizer"

Yalobusha Review: "Giving Oral"; "Menstruating in America"; "Giving Head"

The James Franco Review: "Sukhumvit Soi 11"; "Lustful Bodies Reincarnate"


selected recent publications

Black Lawrence Press (forthcoming): "for in exile, we speak our bodies into being"

Storm Cellar (forthcoming): "Memory Resurrection"; "We, the Wretched"; "Pigs and Battleships"

Entropy: "TIP17: TIP post-drip"

1508: "ephemera: A MANIFESTO for TIP 2017"

Essay Press: "That Which Falls Out"

The Coalition: "The Cubicle"

The Decolonizer: columns on decolonizing touch

Side B Magazine: "Take This Sword and Throw It Far"

Luna Luna: columns on melancholy

Vagabond City: "Rites of an Old War"

DIAcritics: "On Giving Fire"

Bluestockings Magazine: columns on identity

Project As[I]Am: "Self-Portrait of a Shaman"

Perigee (Apogee Journal): "Psychosis and Black-Eyed Dreams"

The Fem (online)
Srijan Poetry Adda (Kolkata, India)
Bengali International Poetry Festival (Kolkata, India)