Selected poems (mostly online)

2019                              .

šŸŒŖ️ ANMLY (forthcoming)
šŸŒŖ️ The Iowa Review (forthcoming)

2018                              .

šŸ‘½ Birdfeast
šŸ‘½ Peach Mag

Poetry in print: The Seattle ReviewPunctum Books, Abolishing Carceral Society (from Abolition: A Journal of Insurgent Politics)

2017                              .

šŸ— sidereal magazine
šŸ— Yes, Poetry
šŸ— The Wanderer
šŸ— Cosmonauts Avenue
šŸ— Powder Keg
šŸ— Nice Cage
šŸ— Poor Claudia
šŸ— Reservoir
šŸ— The Boiler
šŸ— wildness
šŸ— Hematopoiesis Press
šŸ— Big Lucks

Poetry in print: Half Mystic

2016                              .

šŸ›€ Anthropoid
šŸ›€ killing fields journal
šŸ›€ Dying Dahlia Review
šŸ›€ The Felt
šŸ›€ Mud City Journal
šŸ›€ Yalobusha Review

Poetry in print: Puerto del SolTAYO Literary MagazineZau Magazine, Stone Canoe

2015                              .

šŸ£ The James Franco Review
šŸ£ Project As[I]Am

Poetry in print: HYSTERIA