Correspondent Medley by Sophia Terazawa

Chapbook (Poetry / Prose)

Winner of the 2018 Tomaž Šalamun Prize, Selected by Anaïs Duplan

"Here, the medley became that of pulling out a thread. My shutter clicked. Adjusting to the light, I yawned, closed my eyes. Imagine: memory precedes us as a pillar. Multiplying, latching onto veins, the accusation: once you glanced away, my mouth produced a bullet."

Residency in Ljubljana, Slovenia:

Interview with Andrej Hočevar:

Performances at Mlade rimeIGNOR, and Tomaž Šalamun Poetry Center

Chapbook translated into Slovene by Iztok Osojnik

Correspondent Medley by Sophia Terazawa, trans. by Iztok Osojnik
photo by Dejan Koban