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I AM NOT A WAR (Essay Press)

"This is absolutely essential reading—and you will need to spend some time with I AM NOT A WAR, revisiting passages from its past pages as you continue, taking in its images both written and visual. In this extraordinary time of dismantling the standards against which we measure socio-historical truth, Terazawa’s I AM NOT A WAR rings true."
          —Rosebud Ben-Oni

"I AM NOT A WAR is a challenging and provocative work, engaging with a post-colonial perspective and taking us beyond many of our safe territories for addressing our shared, complicated histories. This is a highly visual and experimental work in many points. Many of her pieces linger with me."
          —Bryan Thao Worra

"Terazawa's language is often searingly alive, fierce as a slap to the face. [...] Some people have an instinct for poetry, and in Terazawa's work this manifests as a seemingly subconscious tendency to experience psychic events as physical ones. Although she uses some vocabu…

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