Poem: Operation Fertilizer

Mud City Journal

Sophia Terazawa, Mud City Journal

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Poem: coconut leaves

Stone Canoe

reading "coconut leaves"

reading my poem "coconut leaves" recently published in Stone Canoe Journal

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Decolonizing Touch: Clair de Lune

Decolonizing love requires awe. Oracles would have me thinking otherwise.

Recognize strangers touching dead bodies as another kind of embrace, and the camera watches strangers sending bullets hugging strangers as voyeur, a drone kissing children in the field.

The fire takes it all. I’m tired. Are you?

About Decolonizing Touch:
DECOLONIZING TOUCH is a monthly column about love and intimacy. If the revolution will not be televised, then the erotic, the heartbreaks, and interpersonal relationships most certainly will go unseen. But I believe that what happens in private is the most radical space of all. What does it mean to desire the Other? How does it feel to need the oppressor? I hope to answer these questions (and more) in my column.